Then Sings My Soul

I just formed a Facebook group to help Christians read the Psalms in three months. This will be in line with our church’s sermon series on the Psalms entitled Then Sings My Soul. You can join the group here.

The purpose of this group is to encourage Christ-followers to read the Book of Psalms in three months (from January 9 to April 1). And not just to read the Psalms, but to do it in a gospel-centered way, that is, with Jesus at its center and goal. It is easier said than done, but together, when we do it in a Spirit-filled community, we can do it. So, let us read the Psalms together, reflect on the Psalms together, pray using the Psalms together, and sing the Psalms together.


Each Sunday during this period, I planned on preaching on different types of Psalms. Here are what we have so far…

Introduction * Psalm 19 on Bible reading * Psalm 8 on creation * Psalm 96 on worship * Psalm 51 on repentance * Psalms 20-21 on faith * Psalms 105-106 on remembering God’s Story * Psalm 12-13 on lament * Psalm 137 on curses

You can also read my gospel meditations on each psalm here.