Ang Ika-Sampung Utos (Reuel Reyes)

The tragedy of Christmas is that we are doing exactly the opposite in our celebration. Instead of emptying, we are so busy filling ourselves with so many things. But the message of Christmas is not of filling but of emptying, for Christ himself emptied himself.


Ang Ika-Limang Utos

Our parents are responsible to God sa mga pagkukulang at mga kasalanan nila sa atin. But we don't put yung blame sa kanila sa mga sinful responses naman natin o i-excuse o i-justify ang paglabag natin sa ika-5 utos. We are responsible for our own sinful actions. So, the primary problem why we find it so hard to obey the fifth is not because of our parents. But because of the hardness of our hearts.

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