Part 49: Fighting Temptation (Luke 22:31-46)

Maya-maya lang, bakbakan na sina Pacquiao (56 W, 38 by KO, 5 L, 2 D) at Algieri (20 W, 8 by KO, 0 L) para sa kanilang World Welterweight Championship. This is a big time fight, championship kasi. Malaki ang nakasalalay. Minsan lang ang mga ganitong laban. Pero tayo, araw-araw ang laban natin sa tukso. Araw-araw […]


Part 48: My Way or God’s Way? (Luke 22:1-30)

Hindi lahat ng gusto nating makuha ay makukuha natin sa sarili nating paraan. Tulad ng isang Chinese na nagpropose sa kanyang girlfriend: An unnamed Guangzhou man reportedly spent two years’ savings on 99 iPhone 6 models, in order to stage a wedding proposal for his girlfriend. The programmer spent 500,000 yuan (almost $82,000) on Apple’s latest […]

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Every Time You Ask for Forgiveness

God “calls us to humbly confess that we really do love ourselves more than we love him and others. He invites us to admit how regularly we demand our own way. He welcomes us to own up to our anger, greed, envy, and vengeance. If his kingdom is ever to fully and completely come, it […]


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