Preach the Gospel to Yourself

To preach the gospel to yourself means that you continually face up to your own sinfulness and then flee to Jesus through faith in His shed blood and righteous life. It means that you appropriate, again by faith, the fact that Jesus fully satisfied the Law of God. In both its precepts and penalty, He […]

The Grace of Discipline

Negatibo ang dating kapag discipline o pagdidisiplina ang pag-uusapan. Bakit kaya? Isang dahilan ay dahil sa mga negative experiences mo sa family. Noong bata ka pa, ang image na pumapasok sa isip mo kapag discipline ang pinag-uusapan ay ang tatay mo na hinahampas ka ng sinturon, sinisigawan ka, minumura ka. Kaya kapag may nagawa kang […]

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Weaving the Gospel into My Heart

I realized that I could not consistently weave the gospel into my conversations with others until the gospel was woven deeply into my own heart. God showed me that I am a natural “law speaker;” I bring judgment much more easily that I bring grace. When I saw this, I began praying for God to […]


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